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Vider is a technology-driven platform aimed to be the catalyst in embracing the ease of doing business, pursuing practice and compliance

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Products of Our Ecosystem


Intelligently designed and customizable practice management solution which provides the best user experience with dedicated features, integrations, and trackers


A platform that provides a wide range of services to clients by connecting them to a network of professionals building trust and transparency


An integrative & interactive knowledge management system that provides a collection of various laws & judgements from the most credible sources creating an intelligent medium for learning & research


A Complete new innovative way for creating or drafting of documents through an automated system.

Who We Are - What We Do!

What we provide

Digital Switchover

In today's world every process is engulfed by technology users of vider can take advantage of the same to utilise their time and resources optimally with real-time monitoring, anytime and anywhere access

Massive Opportunity

Improved means of doing business and swift adaptation of technology by regulatory authorities contributing to the gradually increasing growth in compliance and the same opened a wide range of opportunities

Powerful Ecosystem

Due to the inherent correlation, each product acts as a catalyst and helps the other in providing error free service and crisp information

A Step towards transition

VIDER aimed to bring automation and optimisation into the areas where traditional means are being followed by building a professional community through our products

What Makes Vider Special

Built by Professionals

One major point to be considered is that the product is planned and built by professionals who have enough experience in the field of practice

Inputs from Professionals

The team Vider considered several inputs from their fellow professionals who are in practice since a very long time, Business entities and Individual users and such inputs led us to introduce various features

Simplified Information

Providing complex information to the user in a simplified manner at a right time to take an informed decision is provided by our product Spectrum

Major Benefits of using vider



Improved workflow across the organisation


Client Satisfaction

Rapid Growth in customers & Revenue


Work Efficiency

Improved Team collaboration - Real-time remote access


Faster Data Transfer

Seamless communication with client through mobile app – No Hurdles for completing task.



Professional services from Experts at each domain


More Data

Access to the knowledge base of various Acts – Scope of Expansion and Perfection


Faster Communication & Support

Real-time updates & notifications, Access to experts’ opinions – Access to Knowledge Hub



Digitally Manage your paperwork to make your practise faster and better. – Focus more on Core part of the work



eSignature - keeps your modern business moving forward from virtually anywhere, at any time.

We Provide Solutions To All Your Problems

Allotting category-wise specialisations for the users helps the admin to allot a particular task to the right person and providing updates & verified content on the domain to the users helps to gain the required knowledge.
The automation and pre-defined steps to complete a task help the user to learn the work faster without the involvement of their superiors.
The platform provides the latest updates on The Acts, Rules, Schemes, Government notifications, circulars, instructions/orders, press releases, case laws/rulings, departments on social media, articles/opinions, latest stories/updates etc., are all gathered as soon as they are released. This content helps the users to gain updated knowledge and excel in rendering the best services to their clients.
All the data that was gathered and made available on the platform will be verified by an expert to the best of their knowledge. The answers that are posted in the query forum will also be verified and tagged as “Expert Verified” so that the users of such data won’t need to worry about the reliability of the data.
Creation of category and service-wise teams helps for easy collaboration between the teams. The platform is built for a role & responsibility-based approach and approval mechanism wherein the admin can set roles for each user and can also assign specific clients to each user, making him responsible for those clients
The platform is built in a way that the information/documents shared for each specific task, or a client as a whole will be automatically saved under respective folders giving ease of access.
We are going live. With the presence in world wide web, where in we provide topnotch reliable services directly accessible to a common man, who can book the required services at fingertips. Vider makes sure that such service requests are forwarded to professionals who are expertise in rendering such services and helps both the professionals as well as client to share information easily using mobile app.
Providing right information on right time in a simplified manner, thereby the necessity of going through abundance of data and interpretation issues to form an opinion gets reduced.
The most required office management tools (user/client/task/drafting/invoice/communication management etc.,) were all built at one place which are fast accessible and are easy to use making it easy to manage all your operations, thus saving plenty of time. The reporting system of Vider helps the user to make quick strategic decisions that benefits the organisation.

Smart Plugs


Offering Secure, Durable & Highly scalable object storage


Helps the users to E-sign on various electronic Forms & documents


This allows organisations to accept, process & disburse payments

Income Tax Department

Helps users to verify PAN details & check refund status


Helps to Build & extend the functionality of Helpdesk

Goods & Service Tax Department

Helps the users to search GSTIN, verify a GSTIN

Microsoft 365

Helps the users to remain in familiar applications while enjoying our office management features


Allows you to receive messages from your clients all in one place, where your team can see them and respond to inquiries at the same time

Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Administrates Companies Act 2013, Companies Act 1956, the LLP Act 2008 and the I&B Code, 2016.

How do we provide value to our customers?
Professionals in practice can monitor and streamline their practice which saves both time and cost and improves team performance.
Event tasks where a considerable amount of time is spent, getting signed documents from the client, maintaining client logs, searching for an update/information from a trusted source etc., will no longer be a burden to the users of Vider
Through end-to-end automation and integration everything is available under one roof i.e., VIDER.
Enables individual users and business entities to get the best professional services in meeting their compliance requirements and resolving their queries/issues by providing access from anywhere & any time.