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What is Quantum

Quantum streamlines business legalities through CA professional insights. Explore customizable templates for diverse scenarios, catering to startups and enterprises. Ensure precision and compliance via an intuitive interface, enabling real-time collaboration and efficient document management through automation.

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Quantum Features

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Automatically populates certain fields to save time & ensuring accuracy.

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Edit & Collaborate

Multiple users can edit, review & have inputs in real time.

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Securely & Easily Sign documents online, saving time & paper

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Set Contract Due Date

Contract deadlines for clear timelines and legal commitments

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Approval Levels

Different levels of review for document authorisation and ensuring quality control

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Professionals in practice can monitor and streamline their practice which saves both time and cost and improves team performance.
Event tasks where a considerable amount of time is spent, getting signed documents from the client, maintaining client logs, searching for an update/information from a trusted source etc., will no longer be a burden to the users of Vider
Through end-to-end automation and integration everything is available under one roof i.e., VIDER.
Enables individual users and business entities to get the best professional services in meeting their compliance requirements and resolving their queries/issues by providing access from anywhere & any time.