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The dashboard is the digital control center of your website, providing real-time insights and data visualization that empowers informed decision-making. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive analytics ,drives strategic growth for your online presence.

Task Management
Task creation in a work automation tool streamlines processes, promotes efficiency, and ensures clear task assignment and tracking for seamless collaboration. By enabling task creation, the work automation tool empowers teams to prioritize,and manage their work effectively, leading to increased productivity.
Client Management
Our work automation tool provides an activity log feature, offering a detailed record of all client interactions, task updates, and project milestones, promoting transparency and accountability.
Reports play a crucial role in decision-making, offering valuable insights and analysis of data to identify trends, assess performance, and guide strategic planning, ultimately driving informed actions and improvements within an organization.
Storage management in our work automation tool empowers users to efficiently organize and manage their files, documents, and resources, ensuring easy access, version control, and secure data storage.
Expenditure, Invoicing and Receipts management
Invoice management in a work automation tool simplifies the invoicing process, automates calculations, and enables timely payment tracking, ensuring accurate financial management and improved cash flow.
Our work automation tool's includes a compliance calendar that keeps track of all financial acts and regulatory deadlines in the country, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and avoiding penalties.

A knowledge portal within a work automation tool serves as a centralized hub, providing a comprehensive repository of knowledge, it empowers users to efficiently find solutions, collaborate effectively, and make informed decisions within their work environment.

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Adaptable & Built-easy to use
Better user experience in mind
All Features accessible at 2-click away
Quick accessible and customisable reports.
Problem-Solving Integrations.
ATOM is an amazing software which helped us to ease the workflow, the service module in it is next level and it is a life changing feature
CA Pramod Gotte
Partner, C A P G & Co
The work flow is automated in such a way that now I can focus a lot on actual work and satisfy my clients.
Santhosh B Tax Practitioner
Excellent Software. Instant Reply to Query, Very well Supportive and Add a value to our work.
CA Kushal Partner, Bashetty & Joshi
Very Nice CA office management software. It has helped us a lot since using this software in our office. It has helped us to manage our work very effectively and efficiently. Very nice support team.
Dikshit Jain
Partner , JDP & Co
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