We as a company aim to be the catalyst in increasing the financial literacy in the country by providing right Automation & Efficient tools & Right knowledge to the community

To provide never seen user experience and automation


To be the Titan of Compliance Management, Office Automation And Cognitive content


Integrity • Accountability • Responsibility • Excellence

Our Team
The triple-qualified professional and holder of multiple degree's is an ambitious and hardworking individual aimed to build a platform that creates opportunities to both professionals & clients and thus contributing to the Indian economy and the system
Sai veer muthyam Founder and CEO
Creative and Enthusiastic individual with Good Communication, collaboration, Leadership and problem-solving skills, aimed in building a system that builds trust, transparency and accountability between both the client and his professional.
Nikhil Katkam COO
A unique individual, the company's CRO has excellent critical thinking & logical reasoning abilities, great presentation skills, is able to draw detailed conclusions from raw statistics, helps and advice the team to achieve overall objectives with his research & analysis.
Shashank KRS CRO
A Chartered Accountant by profession, is a super active multi-tasker who adds his expertise in all departments of the company and supports with his unique marketing strategies to achieve competitive advantage, strives towards enhancing company's growth.
Abhinav Chikyala CMO